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Title: Pre-Sea Engineering Training Course

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Pre-Sea Training, as the phrase itself implies, is the compulsory phase of instruction imparted to every trainee before he/she gets on board a ship for further training. Pre-Sea Training course is a comprehensive programme of nautical and marine engineering education that provides trainee deck officers, Marine engineer officers and ratings with the academic and practical training needed to progress from Junior Navigating Officer to Ship Master and trainee Marine engineer to Chief Engineer. The primary objective of this form of training is to impart the necessary discipline and knowledge about seamanship, navigation, engine room etc. to the young trainees. The course schedule is rigorous and prepares every trainee for life on board a ship. Apart from Imparting awareness about a wide range of shipping subjects the course also aims at instilling confidence and inculcating a sense of responsibility in the trainees

Objective of this Course:

The course is so planned that at the end of the training when the trainees board a ship, they will feel totally at home with activities and duties entrusted to them. In short, Pre-Sea Training is designed to make the trainee mentally, physically and intellectually fit for life at sea. Strict discipline is maintained in the Academy, which is run along lines of various defence training institutions and Naval Training Ships.