Water covers more than two thirds of the earth surface. Sea transportation is reasonable for about 90% of the world trade and in the context for most dramatic discoveries and achievements. It is sea of opportunities out there. You can be right where the action is.

Our Ocean Maritime Academy ( OMA ) is job oriented institute providing a quality education & training on maritime related programme to achieve that opportunities, firmly established as the leading international brand for professional development by leading and highly qualified bodies to empower students to take on leadership roles, encourage rigorous self - discipline, promote curiosity and provide graduates with the skills and knowledge which will enable them to safely and efficiently operate, maintain and manage the ships of today and the maritime industry of tomorrow.

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Boat racing competion

On the occasion of Pohela Boishakh Boat Racing was Organized by ...

Posted On: 4/25/2018 6:50:29 PM

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Ocean Maritime Academy is the Institute for maritime innovation, education and expertise.

Our Mission

The mission of Ocean Maritime Academy (OMA) is to provide a quality education primarily focused on marine related programs.

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Our Vision

OMA is a career-oriented academy that strives to continue to be the globally recognized leader in providing the highest quality maritime

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Principal's Foreword

With some 80% of accidents at sea directly attributable to human error, and the penalties for accidents greater than ever before,

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Golden Career Ship Management (GCSM)

Road No 13, House No 44. Secotor 12. Uttara, Dhaka 1230

Good wish from Career Ship Management Dhaka, Bangladesh is a Govt. licensed ship manning agency in Bangladesh.(Lic no-MLA-085). We are usual supply Crew & Officers of different grade & category to the ship & ship management companies according to their requirements. As a white listed country of IMO, Bangladesh have got plenty of competency certified Marine Officers, Marine Engineers & Crews (Deck/Engine); The number of seafarers is increasing day by day. We can provide seafarers for your company at any time if we get an offer from your company for manning ten or more of the ships running under your management disposal. We can also provide all types of supply of goods for your vessel if any of your vessels arrive at Chittagong port. We can also provide marine repair works through our marine workshop (Viz, Ocean Marine Services Ltd.), which is also a Govt. approved service provider and having workshop training facilities. Under our group of companies disposal we are running with two Maritime Training Academy at Chittagong and Dhaka, Where we provide Pre-sea Training Course for Deck & Engine Cadets, and all other Maritime Ancillary Training Courses required by shipping companies. The name of our Training Academies are Ocean Maritime Academy at Chittagong, and Pacific Maritime Academy at Dhaka. Our training courses are approved by the Department of Govt. Shipping under Shipping Ministry of Bangladesh, guided and monitored according to SWDC & IMO guide lines. If you want we can provide Deck Cadets and Engine Cadets for your vessels those have got two years pre sea training courses from our Academy; these cadets may build-up their career in your company from Cadet ship to Captain/Chief Engineer officer capacity for long run if we can provide them for your vessels for a long term agreement period. Providing Deck Cadets and Engine Cadets for your vessels we may assure a long run flow of seafarers for your company. at the moment we want to job placement offer/proposal from your company When you turn to GCSM with a request for crew ,We are assuring you that we shall be able to send sufficient Marine Cadets Officers, Engineers ,who experience, documents If any quire please call or mail without hesitation We are waiting your kindest reply.

Best Regards
Golden Career Ship Management