4 accidents at sea out of 5 are due to human error. Training and evaluation are lifesaving concerns. It is also fundamentally the best way to ensure the ship owners and operators' assets are well managed, looked after and protected.

S.T.C.W. & I.S.M. Code

With the challenges that arise through an increased and tougher maritime legislation, namely the Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping convention of 2010 and the International Safety Management Code, both ship owners and ship managers need to meet technical compliance standards and to have properly trained and competent crew.

Cost Effective

Transmitting the proper knowledge and skills is the corner stone of profitable Ship management. Our approach to training is related to experience on the vessels and the deep knowledge of the various kinds of ships that we manage, allowing us to maintain the various expenditures low.

Improvement through a permanent learning process

Training is an incessant process that benefits all; the seafarer is trained, our clients satisfied and thus ourselves. We believe that by emphasizing on quality training under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced officers, we will continue to be ahead while regulations continue to become more demanding.

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