Capt. Quazi Nawsher Uz Zaman


Ocean Maritime Academy

DOC-1 COC Hold

15 Years Experience in Merchant Marine

With some 80% of accidents at sea directly attributable to human error, and the penalties for accidents greater than ever before, choosing the right provider for safety related training is a key part of the risk management for today's ship owners and operators . The maritime industry is becoming more complex and challenging and requires a greater level of lateral thinking to develop optimal solutions to maritime issues. The concept behind the establishment was to provide world ­ class training to seafarers and to meet the ever increasing requirement of the industry. Proper training scheme and investment is crucial to success and underscores our sincerity to maintain high standards set by its founding board members. Improving the human factor in ship operation was a key objective and the establishment of OMA constituted an important element of this challenge. We look forward to continued support from our seafarers and their employers to make OMA a focal point of maritime studies in the world.